A Sustainable and Scalable Multidisciplinary Airway Teaching Mission: The Operation Airway 10-Year Experience

Asitha D.L. Jayawardena, Zelda J. Ghersin, Marcos Mirambeaux, Jose A. Bonilla, Ernesto Quiñones, Evelyn Zablah, Kevin Callans, Marina Hartnick, Nita Sahani, Makara Cayer, Cheryl Hersh, Thomas Q. Gallagher, Phoebe H. Yager, Christopher J. Hartnick

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    Objective: To address whether a multidisciplinary team of pediatric otolaryngologists, anesthesiologists, pediatric intensivists, speech-language pathologists, and nurses can achieve safe and sustainable surgical outcomes in low-resourced settings when conducting a pediatric airway surgical teaching mission that features a program of progressive autonomy. Study Design: Consecutive case series with chart review. Setting: This study reviews 14 consecutive missions from 2010 to 2019 in Ecuador, El Salvador, and the Dominican Republic. Methods: Demographic data, diagnostic and operative details, and operative outcomes were collected. A country’s program met graduation criteria if its multidisciplinary team developed the ability to autonomously manage the preoperative huddle, operating room discussion and setup, operative procedure, and postoperative multidisciplinary pediatric intensive care unit and floor care decision making. This was assessed by direct observation and assessment of surgical outcomes. Results: A total of 135 procedures were performed on 90 patients in Ecuador (n = 24), the Dominican Republic (n = 51), and El Salvador (n = 39). Five patients required transport to the United States to receive quaternary-level care. Thirty-six laryngotracheal reconstructions were completed: 6 single-stage, 12 one-and-a-half-stage, and 18 double-stage cases. We achieved a decannulation rate of 82%. Two programs (Ecuador and the Dominican Republic) met graduation criteria and have become self-sufficient. No mortalities were recorded. Conclusion: This is the largest longitudinal description of an airway reconstruction teaching mission in low- and middle-income countries. Airway reconstruction can be safe and effective in low-resourced settings with a thoughtful multidisciplinary team led by local champions.

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    PublicaciónOtolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery (United States)
    EstadoPublicada - 1 nov. 2020


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