An approximate universal energy functional in density functional theory

Eduardo V. Ludeña

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Using Harriman's orthonormal set, a closed expression for the reduced first order density operator γ1(1,2)=ρ(1)1/2ρ(2) 1/2G(1,2) is obtained in the context of the independent particle approximation. It is shown that G(1,2) is given by G(1,2)=(1/n)exp{i[(n+1)/2] F(1,2)}×[sin1/2nF(1,2)]/[sin1/2F(1,2)], where F(1,2)=f(r 2)-f(r1). Using this representation γ1(1, 2), an approximate universal functional of the energy which is given solely in terms of ρ is constructed. In particular, closed analytic expressions for the kinetic and exchange energies are explicitly derived. The simplifications brought about in these expressions by spherical symmetry are also discussed.

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PublicaciónJournal of Chemical Physics
EstadoPublicada - 1983
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