Biochemistry and hematology parameters of the San Cristóbal Galápagos tortoise (Chelonoidis chathamensis)

Gregory A. Lewbart, John A. Griffioen, Alison Savo, Juan Pablo Muñoz-Pérez, Carlos Ortega, Andrea Loyola, Sarah Roberts, George Schaaf, David Steinberg, Steven B. Osegueda, Michael G. Levy, Diego Páez-Rosas

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As part of a planned introduction of captive Galapagos tortoises (Chelonoidis chathamensis) to the San Cristóbal highland farms, our veterinary team performed thorough physical examinations and health assessments of 32 tortoises. Blood samples were collected for packed cell volume (PCV), total solids (TS), white blood cell count (WBC) differential, estimated WBC and a biochemistry panel including lactate. In some cases not all of the values were obtainable but most of the tortoises have full complements of results. Despite a small number of minor abnormalities this was a healthy group of mixed age and sex tortoises that had been maintained with appropriate husbandry. This work establishes part of a scientific and technical database to provide qualitative and quantitative information when establishing sustainable development strategies aimed at the conservation of Galapagos tortoises.

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PublicaciónConservation Physiology
EstadoPublicada - 1 ene. 2018


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