Childhood abuse and adult homelessness

Graham Pluck, Sobhi Girgis, Kwang Hyuk Lee, Randolph W. Parks

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Childhood abuse has multiple negative impacts on lifetime development. Increased levels of psychiatric problems are well documented, in particular personality disorder and substance abuse. Furthermore, effects can be long lasting and heavily influence the life course of the abused individuals. It is therefore perhaps not surprising that homeless adult populations in industrialised countries tend to report high levels of childhood physical and sexual abuse. Studies of homeless individuals can shed light on the socioeconomic consequences of severe childhood abuse. Furthermore, they provide insights into the impact of such abuse on mental health in a population in which levels of abuse and mental illness are both high. From a systematic analysis of case notes and clinical interviews, we have collected data on 217 homeless adults in the city of Sheffield, England. More than one in four homeless individuals reported high levels of physical abuse or sexual abuse during their childhoods, and levels of psychiatric illness were high, particularly schizophrenia and personality disorder. Furthermore, histories of abuse were found to be associated with being female and with having been raised in local authority care. In adulthood, sexual abuse was associated with personality disorder; whereas, physical abuse was more linked with self-harm. The results reveal a complex picture of psychosocial problems linked to childhood trauma among many homeless adults.

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