Effetto del consumo di fragole sullo status antiossidante di soggetti sani

S. Tulipani, S. Romandini, J. Alvarez Suarez, F. Busco, B. Mezzetti, Maurizio Battino

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A growing body of epidemiological studies suggests a consistent association between the consumption of diets rich in fruits and vegetables and a lower incidence of several chronic diseases. Strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa, Duch.) is among the most popularly consumed berries, both in fresh and processed forms, and its nutritional value has been exhaustively proved1 and correlated to the high content of micronutrients (vitamin C, folate) and the relevant concentration and variety of phenolic constituents. For these reasons, the impact of strawberry consumption on human health is currently receiving ample attention. However, the majority of the scientific research is still focused to obtain in vitro instead of in vivo evidence of the potential bioactivities of strawberry. In our work, to the phytochemical and nutritional characterization of strawberry fruits2 we combined the evaluation of the effects of strawberry consumption on human subjects, by evaluating both plasma and cellular markers of antioxidant status. Sequential feeding studies were carried out, inviting volunteers to an acute and prolonged consumption of relevant amount of strawberries. The potential changes in the plasma TAC, in the concentrations of the main hydrophilic and lipophilic serum antioxidants, and in blood cells resistance to induced oxidative stress were measured. The preliminary results obtained in this work suggest that further investigations on the impact of strawberry on human health and disease are required, and future specific dietary studies in human subjects are strongly hoped.

Título traducido de la contribuciónStrawberry consumption and antioxidant status in healthy human subjects
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PublicaciónProgress in Nutrition
EstadoPublicada - 2009
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