Evaluation of resin composites for dental restorations

T. Palacios, C. Abad, G. Pradíes, J. Y. Pastor

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In the production of dental restorations, there are, currently, two main types of materials: ceramics and resin composites. These latter kinds are typically suggested because of their quick fabrication, easy reparation and increased crossed link density compared with conventional light-cured materials. However, it is not clear for the specialist what is the best option among the many commercially available materials for each precise clinical case. For that reason, this work aims to clarify the real mechanical performance of resin-based composites for indirect dental restorations obtained by material removal processes and their most suitable application. Two kinds of resin CAD/CAM blocks were selected: LavaTM Ultimate and CerasmartTM, which were tested under two conditions: in the as received by the manufacturer state and after storage in artificial saliva during 30 days. The mechanical properties of both materials were analysed (density, hardness, flexural strength, fracture toughness) but also the influence on the degradation of the mechanical performance due to the contact with the saliva. Results indicate a better mechanical performance of the Lava Ultimate material in the as-received condition, despite its coarser microstructure. However, Cerasmart shows a stabilised microstructure with a smaller degradation of the mechanical properties in contact with the artificial saliva; in other words, improved durability inside the mouth.

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EstadoPublicada - 2019
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Evento8th Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference, MESIC 2019 - Madrid, Espana
Duración: 19 jun. 201921 jun. 2019


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