Evolutionary history of New World crakes (Aves: Rallidae) with emphasis on the tribe Laterallini

Emiliano A. Depino, Jorge L. Pérez-Emán, Elisa Bonaccorso, Juan I. Areta

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New World crakes are intriguing, poorly known birds with cursorial cryptic habits; they belong to two unrelated tribes: Laterallini and Pardirallini. Recent genetic studies contributed to the phylogenetic knowledge of these tribes, but a complete phylogenetic reconstruction is still missing. Here, we present the most taxonomically complete dated gene-based phylogeny of New World crakes, with an emphasis on the Laterallini, including for the first time sequences of Coturnicops notatus, Laterallus levraudi, L. jamaicensis tuerosi and L. xenopterus. We used multilocus (mtDNA + nucDNA) phylogenetic analyses and interpreted our results in light of the natural history of the group. Our novel results show that: (1) L. xenopterus is sister to L. leucopyrrhus; (2) L. j. tuerosi is sister to L. spilonota; (3) C. notatus is sister to the clade that groups the remaining New World black crakes (L. jamaicensis, L. j. tuerosi, L. rogersi, L. spilonota and L. spilopterus); and (4) L. levraudi and L. melanophaius conform a recently diverged clade. Thus, our results indicate polyphyly in this group, particularly for Laterallus and, for the first time, for Coturnicops. We show that some discrepancies with previous studies stem from misidentified samples or sequences of L. leucopyrrhus and Anurolimnas fasciatus. Finally, we provide new preliminary insights into species limits of some taxa, specifically for L. levraudi, L. melanophaius and L. j. tuerosi. Our results set the stage for integrative taxonomic assessments at the generic level in the Laterallini by incorporating phylogenetic (gene-based) and natural history data.

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EstadoPublicada - 7 abr. 2023


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