Factores asociados con el incumplimiento del tratamiento antipalúdico en pacientes ecuatorianos.

M. C. Yépez, D. Zambrano, F. Carrasco, R. F. Yépez

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A total of 249 persons living in the northwest part of Ecuador with a clinical diagnosis of malaria confirmed by thick blood films were treated with chloroquine and primaquine according to the therapeutical system in force in the National Service for Eradication of Malaria. New clinical assessment and thick blood film were applied after 4 days in P. falciparum (n = 120) cases and after 8 days in P. vivax (n = 129) cases; patients were questioned about the compliance or non-compliance with the treatment, and the reasons for their acting in either way were studied. EPI-INFO 6.04 and SPSS PC 7.0 packages served to process the information: "kind adjustment test" (bondad de ajuste) abd factorial analysis of correspondences were used. The patient who daily took his/her pills for the number of days indicated, at the established intervals and at the right time was defined as a patient complying with the drug therapy. For every 3 patients complying with treatment, there were 2 who did not; non-compliance was not significantly related to age, sex, educational level, ethnic group, urban or rural setting or level of income, but learning about seriousness of the infection did help to compliance with the therapy. The reasons for non-compliance were mainly associated with drugs (side effects/reluctancy to take drugs), with the fact of forgetting to take them and of "getting cured quickly". The profile of the patient who did not comply with treatment corresponded to male, teenager, mixed race, poor and rural setting.

Título traducido de la contribuciónThe factors associated with noncompliance with antimalarial treatment in Ecuadorian patients
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