Geotechnical laboratory testing of lunar simulants and the importance of standardization

V. Santiago Quinteros, Thomas Dylan Mikesell, Luke Griffiths, Alex X. Jerves

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A comprehensive program of geotechnical index tests performed on two regolith simulants, namely LHS-1 and LMS-1, are presented and discussed in this study. The index tests included a 2D analysis of particles shapes and measurements of grain density, particle size distribution, plastic and liquid limit, thermal conductivity, and maximum and minimum dry density. The detailed testing methodologies are provided, and their results are discussed and compared with data available in the literature from similar tests on the same regolith simulants. Additionally, a thorough analysis of the data in contrast with data of lunar soils is presented. The observed spread on the index tests results is explained by the indiscriminate use of different procedures, regolith mass, and methodologies across different laboratories and highlight the importance and urgency for planetary scientist to agree on best practices in geotechnical testing of regolith and extra-terrestrial simulants.

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EstadoPublicada - 15 ene. 2024
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