Graphene quantum dots decorated with imatinib for leukemia treatment

Daniele Mendes Felix, Luciana Magalhães Rebelo Alencar, Frederico Duarte de Menezes, Victor do Valle Pereira Midlej, Lorayne Aguiar, Sara Gemini Piperni, Jian Zhang, Yin Liu, Eduardo Ricci-Junior, Frank Alexis, Severino Alves Junior, Lin Zhu, Ralph Santos-Oliveira

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The use of graphene quantum dots as biomedical device and drug delivery system has been increasing. This nano-platform of pure carbon has showed unique properties and showed to be safe for human use. The imatinib is a molecule designed to specifically inhibit the tyrosine kinase, used for leukemia treatment. In this study, we successfully decorated the graphene quantum dots (GQDs@imatinb) by a carbodiimide crosslinking reaction. The GQDs@imatinb were characterized by FTIR and AFM. The nanoparticles' in vitro behaviors were evaluated by cellular trafficking (internalization) assay and cell viability and apoptosis assays in various cancer cell lines, including suspension (leukemia) cells and adherent cancer cells. The results showed that the incorporation of the imatinib on the surface of the graphene quantum dots did not change the nanoparticles’ morphology and properties. The GQDs@imatinb could be efficiently internalized and kill cancer cells via the induction of apoptosis. The data indicated that the prepared GQDs@imatinb might be a great drug nano-platform for cancer, particularly leukemia treatments.

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Número de artículo102117
PublicaciónJournal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology
EstadoPublicada - feb. 2021
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