High temperature erosion mechanisms and erosion rate of hard coatings for surface recovery of heavy-fuel engines

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This study aims at evaluating the erosion resistance at temperature of several hard coatings, including: CrC-NiCr by HVOF, Fe-based alloy by Arc Spray, NiCrBSiFe by powder flame spraying. These coatings are to be used for the recovery of highly eroded walls (above 10 mm thickness) of gray cast iron in the exhaust ducts in heavy-fuel engines. The erosion test consists of erosive particles thrown through a high temperature gas jet, for 5 cycles of 5 minutes, according to ASTM G211-14 (modified). Coated samples are subjected to a fuel gas-torch reaching a front temperature of 450°C and a back temperature of 90°C (water cooled), simulating the actual application. The eroded samples are characterized using EDS, and SEM. The results show the erosion rate of each material/system, and their corresponding erosion mechanisms. Thus, the results allows for the selection of an optimum coating for this surface recovery application.

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Título de la publicación alojadaASM International - International Thermal Spray Conference, ITSC 2018
EditoresFardad Azarmi, Timothy Eden, Hua Li, Filofteia-Laura Toma, Kantesh Balani, Tanvir Hussain, Kentaro Shinoda
EditorialASM International
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EstadoPublicada - 2018
EventoInternational Thermal Spray Conference, ITSC 2018 - Orlando, Estados Unidos
Duración: 7 may. 201810 may. 2018

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NombreProceedings of the International Thermal Spray Conference


ConferenciaInternational Thermal Spray Conference, ITSC 2018
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