Intimate partner violence: A literature review

Erick D.A. Yonfa, Malinda Fasol, Camila M. Cueva, Anna C. Zavgorodniaya

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    Background: Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is a complex issue that appears to be more prevalent in developing nations. Many factors contribute to this problem. Objective: This article aimed to review and synthesize available knowledge on the subject of Intimate Partner Violence. It provides specific information that fills the knowledge gap noted in more global reports by the World Health Organization. Methods: A literature search was conducted in English and Spanish in EBSCO and Scopus and included the keywords “Intimate, Partner, Violence, IPV.” The articles included in this review cover the results of empirical studies published from 2004 to 2020. Results: The results show that IPV is associated with cultural, socioeconomic, and educational influences. Childhood experiences also appear to contribute to the development of this problem. Conclusion: Only a few studies are focusing on empirically validated interventions to solve IPV. Well-implemented cultural change strategies appear to be a solution to the problem of IPV. Future research should focus on examining the results of strategies or interventions aimed to solve the problem of IPV.

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    PublicaciónOpen Psychology Journal
    EstadoPublicada - 12 feb. 2021


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