LAMDA Control Approaches Applied to Trajectory Tracking for Mobile Robots

L. Morales, M. Herrera, O. Camacho, P. Leica, J. Aguilar

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This paper presents the application of different approaches of intelligent controllers based on LAMDA (Learning Algorithm for Multivariate Data Analysis) to perform the trajectory tracking task of a mobile robot Pioneer 3-DX simulated in the Virtual Robot Experimentation Platform V-REP environment. The paper proposes the design of a cascade control strategy composed of two controllers, the external controller based on a feedback linearization for the robot kinematics and the internal controller applied to the robot dynamics where the LAMDA approaches are applied. In this work, it is considered an uncertain dynamic model. Thus, its identification and control are based on a reduced-order model for designing purposes. Finally, the dynamic controller is designed using different controllers based on LAMDA, such as LAMDA-PID, LAMDA-Sliding Mode Control, and Adaptive LAMDA. To perform a comparative analysis between them that includes a conventional PID, SMC, and Fuzzy-PID, different trajectories are examined to evaluate the methods. The obtained results are compared qualitatively and quantitatively to determine which proposal performs the most accurate control and presents the best results in terms of performance.

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PublicaciónIEEE Access
EstadoPublicada - 2021
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