Life history, behavior, and development of wild immature lowland woolly monkeys (Lagothrix poeppigii) in Amazonian Ecuador

Christopher A. Schmitt, Anthony Di Fiore

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Primate life histories are marked by remarkably long prereproductive periods, particularly in atelins. Woolly monkeys have among the longest immature phases relative to their body size, but the behavior of woolly monkey juveniles and adolescents has until now been largely unknown. This chapter establishes guide- lines for identifying developmental landmarks in immature woolly monkeys and presents data on a study of the behavioral development and life history of wild juvenile and adolescent lowland woolly monkeys (Lagothrix poeppigii) in Amazonian Ecuador. Despite overall low levels of sociality across all ages in this taxon, some sex-specific developmental patterns emerged. Male immatures preferentially inter- acted with adult male groupmates, presumably to gain access to important social resources. Female immatures appeared to increasingly distance themselves from groupmates up to dispersal, but showed a sharp increase in sexual interest in coresident adult males immediately prior to dispersing. Although data on adolescents are limited, this phase in particular appears to be a time of critical importance to woolly monkey life histories in both males and females, and may be of particular interest for future research.

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