Lignocellulosic-Based Nanoparticles with Photoluminescent Properties for Bioimaging

Maria Arcentales, Raquel Martín-Sampedro, Ralph Santos-Oliveira, Mohamed F. Attia, Jeffrey N. Anker, Daniel C. Whitehead, Alexis Debut, Liquan Deng, Yuanna Zheng, Bing Hu, Maria P. Romero, Floralba López, Frank Alexis

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Natural and renewable resources from plants or animals are an important source of biomaterials due to their biocompatibility and high availability. Lignin is a biopolymer present in the biomass of plants, where it is intertwined and cross-linked with other polymers and macromolecules in the cell walls, generating a lignocellulosic material with potential applications. We have prepared lignocellulosic-based nanoparticles with an average size of 156 nm that exhibit a high photoluminescence signal when excited at 500 nm with emission in the near-infrared (NIR) region at 800 nm. The advantage of these lignocellulosic-based nanoparticles is their natural luminescent properties and their origin from rose biomass waste, which eliminates the need for encapsulation or functionalization of imaging agents. Moreover, the in vitro cell growth inhibition (IC50) of lignocellulosic-based nanoparticles is about 3 mg/mL, and no in vivo toxicity was registered up to 57 mg/kg, which suggests that they are suitable for bioimaging applications. In addition, these nanoparticles can circulate in the blood and are excreted in urine. The combined high luminescence signal in NIR, small size, low in vitro toxicity, low in vivo toxicity, and blood circulation support the potential of lignin-based nanoparticles as a novel bioimaging agent.

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PublicaciónACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
EstadoPublicada - 5 jul. 2023


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