Longest recorded trans-Pacific migration of a whale shark (Rhincodon typus)

Hector M. Guzman, Catalina G. Gomez, Alex Hearn, Scott A. Eckert

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Whale sharks (Rinchodon typus) are found in shallow coastal and deep waters of tropical and warm temperate seas. Population genetic studies indicate high connectivity among populations, and an Indo-Pacific meta-population has been suggested with potential migrations among some ocean basins. Here, we present the satellite track of a transPacific migration of a female whale shark, which we tagged at Coiba Island (Panama), and which travelled over 20,000 km from the Tropical Eastern Pacific (Panama) to the western Indo-Pacific (Mariana Trench) in 841 d, primarily via the North Equatorial Current. This finding illustrates the migratory pathway between two ocean basins and potential passageway to reach the Philippine Sea into the South China Sea.

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PublicaciónMarine Biodiversity Records
EstadoPublicada - 27 ene. 2018


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