Methyl jasmonate-induced resistance to Delia platura (Diptera: Anthomyiidae) in Lupinus mutabilis

Maria P. Erazo-Garcia, Adolfo R. Sotelo-Proaño, Dario X. Ramirez-Villacis, Sandra Garcés-Carrera, Antonio Leon-Reyes

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BACKGROUND: Andean lupin (Lupinus mutabilis Sweet) is an important leguminous crop from South America with a high protein content. In Ecuador, lupin yields are severely affected by the infestation of Delia platura larvae on germinating seeds. The application of elicitor molecules with activity against herbivorous insects to control D. platura infestation constitutes an unexplored and promising alternative for chemical insecticides. In this study, methyl jasmonate (MeJA), hexanoic acid, menadione sodium bisulfite, and DL-β-aminobutyric acid were evaluated for their ability to induce resistance against D. platura in three commercial lupin cultivars. RESULTS: Only seeds pretreated with MeJA significantly impaired insect performance during choice and no-choice assays. Additionally, fitness indicators such as seed germination and growth were not affected by MeJA treatment. To investigate the molecular mechanisms behind the MeJA-mediated resistance, RT-qPCR assays were performed. First, RT-qPCR reference genes were validated, showing that LmUBC was the most stable reference gene. Next, expression analysis over time revealed that MeJA application up-regulated the activity of the jasmonic acid biosynthetic genes LmLOX2 and LmAOS, together with other jasmonate-related defense genes, such as LmTPS1, LmTPS4, LmPI2, LmMBL, LmL/ODC, LmCSD1, and LmPOD. CONCLUSION: This study indicates that MeJA can be used as an environmentally friendly elicitor molecule to protect Andean lupin from D. platura attack without fitness cost. MeJA application induces plant defense responses to insects in Andean lupin that may be modulated by the onset of terpenoid biosynthesis, proteinase inhibitors, lectins, polyamines, and antioxidative enzymes.

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PublicaciónPest Management Science
EstadoPublicada - dic. 2021


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