Multi-criteria GIS analysis and geo-visualisation of the overlap of oil impacts and ecosystem services in the Western Amazon

L. Zurita-Arthos, M. Mulligan

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Oil extraction operations can be found in all types of environment, including the most threatened and delicate tropical rainforests. The Western Amazon has been widely recognised for its biodiversity and important ecosystem services, but it is also rich in oil reserves. The governments of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru have been increasingly developing and exploiting oil resources in these remote areas and this exploitation is an important contribution to their national economies. This analysis aims to inform a more sustainable development of extractives in the region using innovative techniques of geo-visualisation. The results yield a comprehensive oil impact assessment for the region and then highlight environmentally important zones to finally visualise areas of significant environmental risk based on future planned oil developments. The maps show that areas most affected by oil activities, such as the Yasuni National Park, in Ecuador and the Corrientes River Basin, in Peru are also the source of ecosystem services and furthermore areas as the Manu National Park, in Peru, are in risk of losing their ecosystem services value due to oil development expected in the near future. A better understanding of the situation supported by scientific information and innovative geo-visualisation will help to put in place and enforce policies and thus minimise the socio-environmental impacts of the activity while maintaining the production of oil and associated revenue that is vital for the region's economy.

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PublicaciónInternational Journal of Geoinformatics
EstadoPublicada - 2013


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