Multiphysics modeling and optimization of mechatronic multibody systems

J. C. Samin, O. Brüls, J. F. Collard, L. Sass, P. Fisette

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Modeling mechatronic multibody systems requires the same type of methodology as for designing and prototyping mechatronic devices: a unified and integrated engineering approach. Various formulations are currently proposed to deal with multiphysics modeling, e.g., graph theories, equational approaches, co-simulation techniques. Recent works have pointed out their relative advantages and drawbacks, depending on the application to deal with: model size, model complexity, degree of coupling, frequency range, etc. This paper is the result of a close collaboration between three laboratories, and aims at showing that for "non-academic" mechatronic applications (i.e., issuing from real industrial issues), multibody dynamics formulations can be generalized to mechatronic systems, for the model generation as well as for the numerical analysis phases. Model portability being also an important aspect of the work, they must be easily interfaced with control design and optimization programs. A global "demonstrator", based on an industrial case, is discussed: multiphysics modeling and mathematical optimization are carried out to illustrate the consistency and the efficiency of the proposed approaches.

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PublicaciónMultibody System Dynamics
EstadoPublicada - oct. 2007


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