Observation of two-wave coupling during the formation of POLICRYPS diffraction gratings

Roberto Caputo, Luciano De Sio, Alessandro Veltri, Cesare Umeton, Audrey V. Sukhov

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We report on the experimental observation of two-wave mixing that occurs inside a sample between the beams used for the fabrication of polymer-liquid-crystal-polymer slices (POLICRYPS) diffraction gratings. The effect depends on the phase shift between the curing interference pattern and the grating being cured, This shift can be mechanically induced by accidental vibrations of the experimental setup; thus a high setup stability is needed. We devised a mechanism that enables us to control setup vibrations in situ and used it to monitor the experiment. When the mechanically induced shift was significantly small, wave mixing was observed only if the initial intensities of the two curing beams were different from each other.

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PublicaciónOptics Letters
EstadoPublicada - 15 jul. 2005
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