Optimizing the composite resin stratification technique with prefabricated templates: a case report

Andrés Dávila-Sánchez, Camilo Pulido, Andrés Fernando Montenegro-Arana, Gislaine Martins, Cesar Augusto Galvão Arrais, Alessandro Loguercio

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Direct freehand veneers with composite resin (CR) require high clinician ability and a long chair time. Although CR restorations remain the most-used technique for meeting high esthetic demands, and new technologies mean that materials are nowadays more similar to tooth structure, layering techniques for natural results are still considered difficult to achieve. Through advances in adhesive dentistry, systems of prefabricated veneers using conventional techniques have been launched onto the market as an option for the clinician. This case report presents complete step-by-step descriptions of two techniques using prefabricated templates for directly built-up veneers. Both maxillary lateral incisors were simultaneously reconstructed with direct CR veneers with different layering techniques to achieve esthetic results in a shorter chair time. Simple stratification techniques using prefabricated templates may allow clinicians to optimize both time and clinical outcome while obtaining predictable results.

Idioma originalInglés
Páginas (desde-hasta)420-432
Número de páginas13
PublicaciónThe international journal of esthetic dentistry
EstadoPublicada - 2019


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