Perfil sensorial de iogurte light, sabor pêssego

Ligia R.R. Santana, Lilian C.S. Santos, Maria A. Natalicio, Olga L. Mondragon-Bernal, Elede M. Elias, Camila B. Silva, Leila Q. Zepka, Isabela S.L. Martins, Maria G. Vernaza, Cintya Castillo-Pizarro, Helena M.A. Bolini

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The descriptive terminology and sensory profile of three samples of peach flavored light yogurt were determined using methodology based on the Quantitative Descriptive Analysis (QDA). A sensory panel consensually defined sensory descriptors, their respective reference materials and the descriptive evaluation ballot. Ten individuals were selected as judges and trained. They used the following as criteria: discriminant power, reproducibility and individual consensus. Twelve descriptors were devised showing similarities and differences among the light yogurt samples. Each descriptor was evaluated using a nine-centimeter non-structured scale with the intensity terms anchored at its ends. The data were analysed by ANOVA, the Tukey test and the Principal Component Analysis (PCA). The results showed a great difference in the sensory profile of light yogurts, where sample C showed more variation. The PCA showed sample A to be more distinguished by the sweetness, flavor of peach and firmness of fruit pieces. Sample B was characterized by the brightness, peach color and creamy aspect. Sample C had a higher intensity of sourness and astringency, a more farinaceous texture and more artificial aroma of peach. According to the acceptability test, all the products were accepted positively for all evaluated attributes. Sample C which contains soy protein in its formulation showed that this ingredient was not noticed by the judges and did not interfere in it being accepted.

Título traducido de la contribuciónSensory profile of peach flavored light yogurt
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PublicaciónFood Science and Technology (Brazil)
EstadoPublicada - 2006
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