Recommendations for the shear assessment of reinforced concrete slab bridges from experiments

Eva Olivia Leontien Lantsoght, Cor Van Der Veen, Joost Walraven, Ane De Boer

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Upon assessment of existing reinforced concrete short-span solid slab bridges according to the recently implemented Eurocodes that include more conservative shear capacity provisions and heavier axle loads, a number of these structures were found to be shear-critical. The results from recent experimental research on the shear capacity of slabs indicate that slabs benefit from transverse load distribution. Recommendations for the assessment of solid slab bridges in shear are developed on the basis of these experiments. A load spreading method for the concentrated loads is proposed and the applicability of superposition of loading is studied. The resulting most unfavourable position for the design trucks is provided and implemented in the so-called Dutch "Quick Scan" method (QSEC2). Cases of existing bridges are studied with the previously used QS-VBC as well as with the QS-EC2 that includes the recommendations. As a result of the assumed transverse load distribution, the shear stress to be considered at the support based on the recommendations becomes smaller.

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Páginas (desde-hasta)418-426
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PublicaciónStructural Engineering International: Journal of the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE)
EstadoPublicada - nov. 2013
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