Rensch’s rule: linking intraspecific to evolutionary allometry

Carolina Reyes-Puig, Dean C. Adams, Urtzi Enriquez-Urzelai, Antigoni Kaliontzopoulou

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Sexual dimorphism describes phenotypic differences between the sexes; the most prominent of which is sexual size dimorphism (SSD). Rensch’s rule (RR) is an allometric trend in which SSD increases in male-larger taxa and decreases in female-larger ones. Covariation between a trait and overall size within and across species can both be affected by sexual and natural selection. Thus, intraspecific allometric variation could influence the expression of RR. Here we used computer simulations to dissect how RR emerges under specific allometric patterns of intraspecific sexual differentiation in a trait. We found that sexual differentiation in static allometric slopes is the main determinant of RR. Based on our findings, RR and its converse can manifest in both body size and other traits. As a realistic showcase, we also examined RR and static allometry of different body parts in Mediterranean green lizards to establish whether intraspecific and evolutionary allometry are linked. Here, we identified RR and its converse for different traits, where the amount of sexual differentiation in static allometric slopes within species had a significant contribution to RR. Integrating the simulations and the empirical case we corroborate that sexual differentiation in static allometric slopes is a major parameter affecting evolutionary allometry.

Idioma originalInglés
Páginas (desde-hasta)2576-2589
Número de páginas14
PublicaciónEvolution; international journal of organic evolution
EstadoPublicada - dic. 2023


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