Resonant Gain Singularities in 1D and 3D Metal/Dielectric Multilayered Nanostructures

Vincenzo Caligiuri, Luigia Pezzi, Alessandro Veltri, Antonio De Luca

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We present a detailed study on the resonant gain (RG) phenomena occurring in two nanostructures, in which the presence of dielectric singularities is used to reach a huge amplification of the emitted photons resonantly interacting with the system. The presence of gain molecules in the considered nanoresonator systems makes it possible to obtain optical features that are able to unlock several applications. Two noticeable cases have been investigated: a 1D nanoresonator based on hyperbolic metamaterials and a 3D metal/dielectric spherical multishell. The former has been designed in the framework of the effective medium theory, in order to behave as an epsilon-near-zero-and-pole metamaterial, showing extraordinary light confinement and collimation. Such a peculiarity represents the key to lead to a RG behavior, a condition in which the system is demonstrated to behave as a self-amplifying perfect lens. Very high enhancement and spectral sharpness of 1 nm of the emitted light are demonstrated by means of a transfer matrix method simulation. The latter system consists of a metal/doped-dielectric multishell. A dedicated theoretical approach has been set up to finely engineer its doubly tunable resonant nature. The RG condition has been demonstrated also in this case. Finite element method-based simulations, together with an analytical model, clarify the electric field distribution inside the multishell and suggest the opportunity to use this device as a self-enhanced loss compensated multishell, being a favorable scenario for low-threshold SPASER action. Counterintuitively, exceeding the resonant gain amount of molecules in both systems causes a significant drop in the amplitude of the resonance.

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PublicaciónACS Nano
EstadoPublicada - 24 ene. 2017


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