Safety trial using the Leishmune® vaccine against canine visceral leishmaniasis in Brazil

L. E. Parra, G. P. Borja-Cabrera, F. N. Santos, L. O.P. Souza, C. B. Palatnik-de-Sousa, I. Menz

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A group of 600 healthy and asymptomatic dogs from Brazilian canine visceral leishmaniasis endemic areas was vaccinated with three sc doses of Leishmune® which is the industrialized formulation of the FML-saponin, recently licensed for commercialization in Brazil, which previously showed 76-80% vaccine efficacy against canine visceral leishmaniasis. Safety evaluation was performed for 14 days after each vaccine injection and disclosed transient reactions of local pain (40.87%), anorexia (20.48%), apathy (24.17%), local swelling reactions (15.90%), vomit (2.4%) and diarrhoea (1.5%). All effects showed significantly correlating declines, from the first to the third dose (p < 0.0001). Most of the noticed reactions of pain (73%), anorexia (79%) and local swelling (84.7%) were mild. No significant differences between puppies and adults dogs were found in the number of adverse reactions. Adult dogs developed however, 94.5% of the small swelling reactions (<3 cm), and indicating that they are more resistant to the inflammatory response promoted by the saponins. No dead by anaphylaxis occurred, and only two dogs (0.1%) showed allergic reactions (facial oedema and itching) after the third dose. Transient alopecia on injection site occurred in only five poodles (0.28%) with total recovery and no need of treatment. All the mild adverse events in response to Leishmune® injection were transient and disappeared before the injection of the following vaccine dose, confirming the tolerability of the vaccine. The Leishmune® preparation was less haemolytic (HD50 = 180 μg/ml) than expected for a QS21 saponin-containing vaccine, indicating that its formulation with the FML antigen diminished the potential in vitro toxicity.

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EstadoPublicada - 8 mar. 2007
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