Scalable Production of Sensor Arrays Based on High-Mobility Hybrid Graphene Field Effect Transistors

Zhaoli Gao, Hojin Kang, Carl H. Naylor, Frank Streller, Pedro Ducos, Madeline D. Serrano, Jinglei Ping, Jonathan Zauberman, Rajesh, Robert W. Carpick, Ying Jun Wang, Yung Woo Park, Zhengtang Luo, Li Ren, A. T.Charlie Johnson

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We have developed a scalable fabrication process for the production of DNA biosensors based on gold nanoparticle-decorated graphene field effect transistors (AuNP-Gr-FETs), where monodisperse AuNPs are created through physical vapor deposition followed by thermal annealing. The FETs are created in a four-probe configuration, using an optimized bilayer photolithography process that yields chemically clean devices, as confirmed by XPS and AFM, with high carrier mobility (3590 ± 710 cm2/V·s) and low unintended doping (Dirac voltages of 9.4 ± 2.7 V). The AuNP-Gr-FETs were readily functionalized with thiolated probe DNA to yield DNA biosensors with a detection limit of 1 nM and high specificity against noncomplementary DNA. Our work provides a pathway toward the scalable fabrication of high-performance AuNP-Gr-FET devices for label-free nucleic acid testing in a realistic clinical setting.

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PublicaciónACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
EstadoPublicada - 19 oct. 2016
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