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We present a search for pair produced top squarks, the supersymmetric partners of the top quark, using the D0 detector at the Fermilab Tevatron p¯p collider. We consider a scenario in which the lighter of the two top squarks ˜t1 decays with 100% branching fraction to a charm quark and the lightest neutralino ˜χ0 1 yielding a signal of two acollinear jets with missing transverse energy. We observe 3 events while we expect 3.5 α 1.2 events from the known standard model processes. We exclude at the 95% confidence level a significant region of the mt1 - mχ1 0 parameter space. The highest mt1 value we exclude is 93GeV/c2 with a corresponding mχ1 0 value of 8GeV/c2.

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PublicaciónPhysical Review Letters
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