Small mammals from the Chelemhá Cloud Forest reserve, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala

John O. Matson, Nicté Ordóñez-Garza, Neal Woodman, Walter Bulmer, Ralph P. Eckerlin, J. Delton Hanson

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We surveyed the small mammals of remnant mixed hardwood-coniferous cloud forest at elevations ranging from 2,100-2,300 m in the Chelemhá Cloud Forest Reserve, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. Removal-trapping using a combination of live traps, snap traps, and pitfall traps for 6 days in January 2007 resulted in 175 captures of 15 species of marsupials, shrews, and rodents. This diversity of small mammals is the highest that we have recorded from a single locality of the 10 visited during eight field seasons in the highlands of Guatemala. Based on captures, the most abundant species in the community of small mammals is Peromyscus grandis (n = 50), followed by Handleyomys rhabdops (n = 27), Heteromys desmarestianus (n = 18), Reithrodontomys mexicanus (n = 17), Handleyomys saturatior (n = 16), Sorex veraepacis (n = 15), and Scotinomys teguina (n = 13). The remaining eight species were represented by one to five individuals.

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