Stochastic Nature and Intramolecular Coupling in Optical Response Profiles: Critical Analysis through Semiclassical Models

José Luis Paz, Marcos A. Loroño, Lenin A. González-Paz, Edgar Márquez, José R. Mora, Ysaias J. Alvarado

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We have studied the nonlinear absorptive and dispersive responses considering a molecular system consisting of two-levels, where aspects of the vibrational internal structure and intramolecular coupling are inserted, in addition to the considerations of interaction with the thermal reservoir. The Born-Oppenheimer electronic energy curve for this molecular model consists of two-intercrossing harmonic oscillator potentials with minima displaced in energy and nuclear coordinate. The results obtained show how these optical responses are sensitive to explicit considerations of both intramolecular coupling and the presence of the solvent through their stochastic interaction. Our study shows that the permanent dipoles of the system and the transition dipoles induced by electromagnetic field effects represent critical quantities for the analysis. The solvent action in our model is treated through the natural Bohr frequency shift to a time-dependent function, with explicit manifestations in its comparison as if the upper state were broadened. Significant variations in the nonlinear optical properties for cases of perturbative and saturative treatments, relaxation times, and optical propagation, mainly due to changes in the probe and pump intensities, are studied. Our studies relating the intramolecular effects with those generated by the presence of the solvent and its stochastic interaction with the solute of study, have allowed not only to analyze the influence of these in the profile of the optical responses, but they could also provide some insights into the analysis and characterization of molecular systems through nonlinear optical properties.

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PublicaciónACS Omega
EstadoPublicada - 16 mar. 2023


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