Substrate utilization and dose response to insulin by subcutaneous adipose tissue of Angus steers fed corn- or hay-based diets

R. D. Rhoades, J. E. Sawyer, C. H. Ponce, D. K. Lunt, S. B. Smith

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We hypothesized that, at a common age endpoint, adipose tissue from corn-fed steers would be less sensitive to insulin than adipose tissue from hay-fed steers. Angus steers were assigned to either a corn-based diet (n = 6) or hay-based diet (n = 6) and fed to common days on feed. Steers fed the corn-based diet had 2.44 cm of fat thickness over the 12th thoracic rib, whereas hay-fed steers had 1.04 cm of fat thickness. At slaughter, subcutaneous adipose samples were collected and portions of subcutaneous adipose tissue were incubated with [U-14C]acetate to quantify fatty acid synthesis or with [U-14C]glucose to assess glucose utilization in the presence of 0, 100, or 500 ng/mL of insulin. Additional subcutaneous samples were used to evaluate glycolytic intermediate concentrations as indicators of glycolytic flux. Data were analyzed as a split-plot with diet in the main plot and insulin concentration and its interaction with diet in the sub-plot. Within diet, linear and quadratic contrasts of insulin concentration were tested. Diet had no effect (P ≥ 0.31) on glucose metabolism or acetate carbon incorporation into total lipids (P = 0.32). Insulin had no effect (P > 0.21) on glucose conversion to CO2, lactate, or total lipids, nor did it affect (P = 0.28) acetate conversion to total lipids. No diet × insulin interaction (P > 0.36) was observed for any measure of subcutaneous metabolism in vitro. Steers fed the corn-based diet exhibited neither a linear (P > 0.22) nor a quadratic (P > 0.24) effect to increasing insulin concentration. However, when steers were fed the hay-based diet, there was a positive linear (P = 0.06) effect for glucose oxidation. These results suggest that subcutaneous adipose tissue may become resistant to stimulation by insulin in steers fed to a fat thickness above the average feedlot steer, but this is independent of diet.

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PublicaciónJournal of Animal Science
EstadoPublicada - jul. 2009
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