Super Face Antimagic Labelings of Union of Antiprisms

Martin Bača, Muhammad Numan, Muhammad Kamran Siddiqui

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In this paper we deal with the problem of labeling the vertices, edges and faces of a disjoint union of m copies of antiprism by the consecutive integers starting from 1 in such a way that the set of face-weights of all s-sided faces forms an arithmetic progression with common difference d, where by the face-weight we mean the sum of the label of that face and the labels of vertices and edges surrounding that face. Such a labeling is called super if the smallest possible labels appear on the vertices. The paper examines the existence of such labelings for union of antiprisms for several values of the difference d.

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PublicaciónMathematics in Computer Science
EstadoPublicada - jun. 2013
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