The complex Andes region needs improved efforts to face climate extremes

María Cazorla, Laura Gallardo, Rodrigo Jimenez

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The steep slopes, highlands, and valleys of the Andes mountain chain are inhabited throughout its formidable length.This unique characteristic does not repeat in any other mountain region.The Andes shape weather and climate in South America. However, proper understanding of atmospheric phenomena influenced by a daunting altitudinal gradient is still behind what is needed to produce detailed and consistent climate projections. Despite significant advances, global models misrepresent key precipitation and circulation processes that are influenced by complex topography. Along with a lack of coordinated observations, the result is limited information to design preparedness measures, particularly to face extreme climate events. Of equal concern is the issue of air quality in densely urbanized countries that face decarbonization challenges and share a legacy of social inequity and political unrest. The complexity of the Andes region magnifies risks within all nations that share their influence. Thus, urgent action is needed to improve climate and air quality assessments with the direct purpose of strengthening policy-making processes.

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EstadoPublicada - 2022


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