Women's perceptions and preferences for cervical cancer screening in light of updated guidelines

Gabriela Bustamante, Erica Liebermann, Katelyn McNair, Holly B. Fontenot

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Background:Updated risk-based guidelines for cervical cancer screening (CCS) allow for individualized screening that minimizes unnecessary testing. However, these guidelines are complex and may not be easily understandable to patients.Purpose:To describe women's perceptions and preferences about CCS in light of recent guideline changes.Methodology:This qualitative study conducted in February 2020 used online, text-based focus groups with a sample of US women (n = 49) ages 27-45. After participants completed a short demographic survey, an experienced moderator used a semistructured guide to solicit participants' perceptions of routine gynecologic care and CCS. We summarized survey data using descriptive statistics. Two authors analyzed transcripts using conventional content analysis and met with other team members to resolve discrepancies and determine final themes.Results:Most participants were non-Hispanic White (65%), had health insurance (90%), and reported having a routine gynecologic examination in the past year (70%). We identified four common themes: (1) low perceived risk of human papillomavirus (HPV) coupled with low knowledge about HPV as a causative factor for cervical cancer, (2) confusion about - and mistrust of - recent individual risk-based guidelines that determine the indicated timing and type of CCS test (Pap or HPV testing), (3) mixed opinions about performing a self-swab for HPV testing, and (4) conflicting perceptions of trust toward providers and the health care industry.Conclusions:Findings highlight women's uncertainty and hesitancy about updated CCS guidelines.Implications:Provider-patient communication strategies should consider women's gaps in knowledge about HPV, include the rationale for guidelines and types of tests, and build trust between patients and providers.

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PublicaciónJournal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners
EstadoPublicada - 27 nov. 2023


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